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Exploring ''Swayam-MOOCs E-Learning portal app'' features.

Exploring ''Swayam-MOOCs E-Learning portal app'' features.
by CHANDRAKALA K R - Tuesday, 29 September 2020, 8:21 PM

''SWAYAM MOOC'' platform was launched by the government with main objectives of taking the best teaching learning resources to all teahers.it also helps the students to virtually  attend course thought by best faculty , accesses high quality reading resources , participate in discussion, take test and earn academic grades.


Mainly this portal includes  short term course related to different subject like science, mathematics , law , agriculture etc. Some courses includes awareness  programe & specific skill-set training which are not part of any curriculum for three to four month course.

some course offered by this portal is free. It as integrated course from class 9th to post graduation level. In order to ensure delivery of good quality content seven National Co ordinates have been appointed by government like UGC, CEC, IGNO, NCERT, Etc. It is very good portal for continuous professional development.