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by Girish Kumar M K - Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 3:52 PM

Accountancy XI Part-I

By Prof. Shipra Vaidya   |   DESS, NCERT, New Delhi
An important part of any business organisation is the money that comes in and the money that goes out. Every bit of monetary inflow and outflow needs to be tracked and accounted for.
This course is intended to develop understanding:
  1. Systematically recording the accounting transactions, accountants determine the profitability of a business, perform financial forecasts and assess the overall performance of a business enterprise. 
  2. How can the credibility and usefulness of accounting and financial information be ensured? Or Why accounting and finance are the key elements for a business entity? 
  3. To understand how accounting operates through Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, accounting standards and structured rules and procedures, 
This course will help the aspiring accountants, like you, to strengthen the conceptual base in accounting through variety of e-resources like video lectures, enrichment materials for supplementing textbooks, self assessment inventory and checklist, external weblinks and many more activities for smooth progression and joyful learning.

Learners enrolled: 905


Course Status : Upcoming
Course Type : Core
Duration : 24 weeks
Start Date : 01 Nov 2020
End Date : 11 Apr 2021
Exam Date : 04 Apr 2021
Enrollment Ends : 15 Jan 2021
Category : School
Level : School




Week 1

Introduction to Accounting (keac_10101)

Qualitative characteristics of accounting information (keac_10102)

Week 2

Process of accounting (keac_10103)

Debtors, Creditors, Goods, Cost, Gain, Stock (keac_10104)

Week 3

Assignment Chapter 1

Week 4

Theory Base of Accounting (keac_10201)

Week 5

System of Accounting (keac_10202)

Week 6

Assignment Chapter 2

Week 7

Accounting Vouchers (keac_10301)

Week 8

Accounting Equation (keac_10302)

Week 9

Rules of Debit and Credit (keac_10303)

Week 10

Books of Original Entry: Journal (keac_10304)

Week 11

Special Purpose Books: Cash Book (keac_10305)

Week 12

Special Purpose Books: Purchases book, Sales book, Purchases Return book, Sales Return book, Journal Proper (keac_10306)

Week 13

Ledger: Format; Posting from journal and subsidiary books; Balancing of accounts (keac_10307)

Week 14

Bank Reconciliation Statement: Concept Preparation, Ascertaining the correct cash balance (keac_10308)

Week 15

Assignment Chapter 3

Week 16

Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors (keac_10401)

Week 17

Rectification of Errors (continued) (keac_10402)

Week 18

Assignment Chapter 4

Week 19

Depreciation, Provisions & Reserves (keac_10501)

Week 20

Provisions and Reserve (keac_10502)

Week 21

Bills of Exchange – I (keac_10601)

Week 22

Bills of Exchange – II (keac_10601)

Week 23

Assignment Chapter 5 & 6
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NCERT "Financial Accounting-I" for Class - XI



Prof. Shipra Vaidya

DESS, NCERT, New Delhi