Steps to install OLabs



Step 1: Double click on "InstallOLabs2.1.exe" to start the installation.




Step 2: If windows UAC(User access control) setting is ON then it will show you following messagebox as showed in the screen shot. Click on YES to continue the installation. Same messagebox will be shown when you will start and stop the OLabs.Click yes to continue. (How to start and stop OLabs is mentioned in Step-8)




Step 3: Click on "Next" button to proceed.




Step 4: Click on "I Agree" button if you agree with the license terms.




Step 5:  Components that will be installed are listed in this window. Click on “Next” button to proceed.




Step 6: Select the destination folder and click on “Install” button to proceed.





Step 7: Click on “Finish” button to complete the installation process.

You can launch OLabs directly after installation by selecting “Launch OLabs” before clicking on “Finish” button. If you select Launch OLabs checkbox then OLabs website will be launched in your default browser as shown in second screen shot of this step.






Step 8: If your machine's Windows firewall is ON, at that time while launching the OLabs for the very first time, you may see the following 3 windows back to back asking for allow access. Just click on "Allow access".(This step will come into picture if your firewall protection is ON and it will come only for the first time. If don't then simply skip this step.




Step 9: After successful installation two shortcuts “OLabs_Startup” and “OLabs_Stop” will be created on desktop.  

How to start/stop OLabs?


To start OLabsdouble click on “OLabs_Startup” icon on desktop.

OLabs will open in the default browser. You can use this just like you use the online website of OLabs.


To stop OLabsdouble click on “OLabs_Stop” icon on desktop.

Once you are done with using OLabs you will have to double click on OLabs_Stop.


NOTE: Once OLabs starts, three command windows will open. These command

windows will remain minimized. DO NOT close any of these command windows or else OLabs will not work properly.