Title: Learning to create and learn online


  1. Familiarize the ways to create and share information online

  2. Create information online through various platforms like wiki, blog

  3. Create information collaboratively

  4. Familiarize with various online learning platforms

  5. Learn online through online learning platform

  6. Appreciate the benefits of creating collaboratively and learning online

Tools: Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera)


Instructor Note:

  1. Ensure internet access in every computer.

  2. Install different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera) in every system.

  3. Students should be grouped in 4 or 5 for hands-on activity 4 of session 6. Each group should work on any of the listed things and create a collaborative Wiki page.

  4. For week 9, e-portfolio activity instructor need to explore the course before the session.