Title: Connecting with each other


  1. Appreciate the possibilities of communicating and sharing with others through web

  2. Build familiarity with the tools and methods available to connect with each other

  3. Explore email and communicate using the web in a safe and responsible manner

Tools:  Web Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera), Text Editor


  1. Identify various email providers

  2. Create an email account

  3. Demonstrate an understanding of an e-mail and its components

  4. Emailing  (compose, attach/downloading files, sending with and without attachments, insert images, insert signature, reply, forward, share)

  5. Access email (Read, mark as read or unread)

  6. Organise email (create labels, organise emails in labels)

  7. Manage email ( searching a particular mail, deleting, mark email as spam, flag a mail, applying filters, create/edit a contact list/ mailing list)

  8. Print email

  9. Demonstrate safe and secure use of email

  10. Knowledge of compression  tools (Winzip, Winrar, 7zip etc.)

Instructor Note:

  1. Ensure internet access in every computer.

  2. Install any of the  web browsers available (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera) in every system.

  3. Installation of Compression tools such as winzip, winrar or 7zip etc.