Internet and the ICT Environment 03 (W08-09)


Title: Mining the Web for Educational Resources


At the end of this session the learner will be able to:

  1. Accessing the net to locate educational text/audio/video resources from the web

  2. Saving educational resources from open sources

  3. Retrieving specific information from the web through advanced search

  4. Identifying and using plug-ins appropriately

  5. Browsing the web and downloading resources from the web securely.

Tools:  Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera), text editor.

Competency Skills:

  1. Search for text and media files in multiple ways

  2. Access and save textual and media resources (audio and video) from web

  3. Recognise text, audio and video formats

  4. Bookmark media resources

  5. Demonstrate understanding of open educational resources and licensing

  6. Accessing resources from repositories

  7. Access information using search engine

Instructor Note:

  1. Ensure internet access in every computer.

  2. Install different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera) in every system.

  3. Explore all the resources mentioned in the lesson.