Overview of the course

After undergoing the course, the students will be able to:

  1. Develop digital literacy skills that will enable them to function as discerning students in an increasingly digital society
  2. Access various tools and applications for learning and skill development
  3. Operate a variety of hardware and software independently and troubleshoot common problems
  4. Use the ICT facility with care, ensuring the safety of themselves, others and the equipment
  5. Create a variety of digital products using appropriate tools and applications and saving, storing and managing digital resources
  6. Practice safe, legal and ethical means of using ICT 
Week 01 - 03 : Programming 01
Week 04 - 05 :Graphics 01
Week 06 - 07 : Internet and the ICT environment 01
Week 08 - 12 : Data representation and processing 01
Week 13 - 14 : Audio visual communication 01
Week 15 - 18 : Programming 02
Week 19 - 21 : Graphics 02
Week 22 - 26 : Data processing 02
Week 27 - 29 : Audio visual communication 02
Week 30 : Exhibition of portfolios and evaluation

Module-I: Introduction to Guidance (GC-101)

Module-II:  The Counselling Process and Strategies (GC-102)

Module-III:  Guidance for Human Development and Adjustment (GC-103)

Module-IV:  Career Development-I (GC-104)

Module-V:  Career Infor mation in Guidance and Counselling-I (GC-105)

Module-VI: Assessment and Appraisal in Guidance and Counselling-I (GC-106)

Module-VII:  Basic Statistics in Guidance and Counselling–I (GC-107)

Module-VIII:  Guidance in Action (GC-108)

Module-IX:   Special Concerns in Counselling (GC-109)

Module-X:  Developing Mental Health and Coping Skills (GC-110)

Module-XI:  Career Development-II (GC-111)

Module-XII:  Career Infor mation in Guidance and Counselling-II (GC-112)

Module-XIII:  Assessment and Appraisal in Guidance and Counselling-II (GC-113)

Module-XIV: Basic Statistics in Guidance and Counselling-II (GC-114)